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Skywings Falconry

Skywings Falconry
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Skywings Falconry

Here at the Andalucian Cycling Experience we like to try new activities to enhance our cycling holidays in Andalucia, southern Spain.

We recently visited Skywings Falconry, which is just 5 minutes away from the picturesque villages of Zahara de la Sierra & Algodonales, situated in a peaceful location surrounded by beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Lijar for a 3 hour Bird of Prey Experience. This was a new experience for us and an opportunity to be up close and handle hawks, vultures, falcons and owls. We were also allowed to feed and take photos and videos of the birds. During the day Scott, the owner and qualified Falconer, gave educational  talks on the origen, diet and characteristics of each of the species. Scott has over 35 years of experience working with birds of prey and also in vulture conservation for which he has received international recognition, his projects have been featured on the BBC, Discover Chanel and National Geographic.

Scott and his team expertly demonstrate the specialist equipment we would be using to fly the birds. It is a fantastic feeling getting the birds to fly and come back to you. We also walked with his two black vultures called Baldrick & Edmund, watch them fly off catch some thermals and then return to our arms.

Scott and his wife, Anita, and their team have created a unique ´must do´ outdoor activity in a beautiful location. We found this to be a perfect rest day activity for our clients whilst they have a day off their bikes. It was also an excellent and educational day for our family, our son & daughter (aged 7 and 11yrs) both thoroughly enjoyed their time with the birds of prey.

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