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The best time for a Cycling Holiday in Spain.

The best time for a Cycling Holiday in Spain.
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The best time for a Cycling Holiday in Spain.

It has to be said, with over 300 days of sunshine each year, Spain has got to be one of the most popular destinations for a cycling holiday in the whole of Europe. Whilst it is possible to ride all year round, the summer months(July & August) are particularly hot, hence rides are best completed between dawn and mid-day. During the Spring, Autumn & Winter the daytime temperatures range from 16-28 degrees here in Andalucia, southerm Spain making for perfect conditions for cycling, the last few years I have ridden in shorts & short sleeve cycling jerseys right up to Christmas. Heaven!

The main difference whilst riding your bike in Spain during Spring, Autumn & Winter is the temperature in the sun and shade. This can vary dramatically, between 5-10 degrees, when descending this can feel like much more. It is important to take arm/leg warmers & a wind-proof vest, which can be easily removed/put back on during your ride depending on how warm/cold you are feeling. This is especially important if you are climbing in the sun and descending in the shade.

For me the my absolute favourite time of the year to ride is in the Spring and a little beyond, early April to end June, the countryside is abundant with wild spring flowers filing the grass verges, hedgerows & fields with vibrant colours and floral scent. Almost immediately after the Spring flowers come the sunflowers. This is followed closely by late January to mid February when the almond trees are in bloom. The breathtaking scenery just comes alive with colour! Your riding becomes a visual scensory over load!

The Autumn & Winter months offer pretty settle weather conditions, good daily temperatures, plenty of sunshine and mainly dry conditions for riding. In January 2018, I rode every day without getting wet, clocking up over 2000km and giving my season a massive kick start. Whilst you would naturally assume these months to be wet, we have only ever cancelled 5 days of riding since launching the business in 2005 due to bad weather. I’m not saying we never get wet, because we have, however it is highly unusual to loose a complete week of riding due to bad weather.



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