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What do Cycling & the Festive Holidays have in comon?

What do Cycling & the Festive Holidays have in comon?
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What do Cycling & the Festive Holidays have in comon?

Whilst out riding my bike today it occurred to me that the way we like to go ‘cycling’ and also the way we like to spend our ‘festive holidays’ are pretty similar! For instance we, Claire & I, love to go cycling with our family, also as a couple. Cycling together creates special memories and many cherished moments for us and the children. We enjoy cycling with friends too and I love to get out cycling on my own to just simply enjoy the peace & quiet and the solitude you get from being at one with the bike!

The festive holidays are also spent/endured in a similar way to how we enjoy our cycling with family/friends, just as a couple or for many people the holiday season is spent on their own, either because that is the way they prefer it or due to many other reasons. For some of us who are surrounded by family and friends over the Christmas holiday period, we (that is the royal we) would much prefer to be out on our bikes away from the over indulgence and social demands that the Christmas holidays bring.

We are always busy at Christmas and New Year with people wanting to escape the commercial/family pressures/issues!

Cycling means so much to so many people and with cycling & triathlon being the 2 fastest growing sports around the world there are many ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors on two wheels. With so many new riders and athletes on the roads, Claire & I, hope it won’t be too long before these to words ‘Cycling’ and ‘Holidays’ are joined together more frequently and many more riders will start to take active holidays on two wheels with us.

Whatever you are doing this holiday season take a few hours to get out on the bike either alone or with your family and enjoy some winter cycling.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all


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