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Cycling Winter Training Camps?

Cycling Winter Training Camps?
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Cycling Winter Training Camps?

Why go on a winter training camp?

There is no better feeling than riding with the sun on your face while back home is still cold,wet and miserable.

A winter training camp plays a key role in the preparation of your race/riding season. It’s an opportunity to dedicate a week to cycling, to getting proper miles into your legs and build a solid base  ahead of the up coming season

Our training camps take place between December and May, with riders migrating to Andalucia, southern Spain in search of warm weather, smooth roads and long climbs. A training camp will allow you to benefiting from valuable hours in the saddle whilst your competitors are still churning it out on the rollers/turbo trainer in their garage!

We offer 3 guided group rides each day.

  • Group 1 rides are 60-80k with 1200-1800m of ascent. Average speed 16-18kph
  • Group 2 rides are 80-110k with 1600-2400m of ascent. Average speed 19-24kph
  • Group 3 rides are 110k+ with 2200-3000m of ascent. Average speed 24-28kph

We are always happy to add additional distance onto the group rides, you just need to ask the guide!

Your training camp will kick-start your winter training program and your season of riding. However, it is very important to train for your training camp! If you put in the miles before you arrive in Montecorto you’ll reap the benefit for being in better shape and ready to take on the additional mileage that comes with a week in the saddle. If you haven’t ridden since the end of last season your training camp will be harder than it should be and perhaps slightly less enjoyable!! So, please, please, please prepare yourself for your week of riding in sunny Andalucia.

Andalucia has hosted WorldTour teams including Belkin Pro Cycling, Movistar,  and Lotto-Belisol in recent years. It has a reputation of better weather & having quiet virtually traffic free roads than other training camp destinations. Andalusia boasts more than 320 days of sunshine a year, with winter temperatures rarely below 10c even on the coldest days! The terrain is predominately hilly there are limited, if any, flat rides combine this with the sunny climate, stunning scenery, good road surfaces and virtually no traffic you’ll return home fitter, faster & stronger! It really is like having your own private playground to ride in!

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