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Cycling the elixir of life!

Cycling the elixir of life!
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Cycling the elixir of life!

I quite frequently get asked if turning a hobby into my job has destroyed my passion for cycling. Those of you who have been to Montecorto and ridden with me will already know the answer to this question, but suffice to say, that if I get a day off from guiding and there is nothing too pressing to do in the office I will still choose to go out riding. The thrill of a high speed descent, nailing a single track trail or the effort required to push yourself harder and faster up a climb still gives me the biggest buzz EVER! Apparrently if I dont get out on the bike after 3 days I become, in Claire’s words, ‘Bike Grumpy’ and she tells me in her own special way to ‘Go forth & ride’! For me cycling is the perfect exercise for everybody. It’s not load bearing on your joints, it’s a great cardio workout, it tones your muscles and all this while you are outside enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air. Whether you are young or old, road cyclist, leisure rider, mountain biker or out riding with the children there is a ride to suit everyone.

The joys of riding a bike are plan to see, just look at children and the freedom their bikes give them. Oliver has recently made the switch from balance bike to pedal bike and literally there is no stopping him whilst Sophie loves to ride her road bike and can ride 20km no problem! Some of my fondest childhood memories are from riding my bikes, the thought of riding my Rayleigh Chopper still brings a smile to my face. I remember my parents letting me ride to my nans, 65 miles away, on my road bike when I was 16 yrs old. I can recall that ride like it was yesterday, one of my first independent adventures, a memory that will last me a life time.

This is what we are hoping to achieve here at the Andalucian Cycling Experience, life time experiences pack with many great memories. We combine hi spec comfortable modern day accommodation, good bikes, great rides, knowledgeable friendly guides with Spanish cuisine, locally produces wines and olive oils whilst giving you a truely authentic & traditional experience set amongst some of the most beautiful ‘pueblos blancos’ (White Villages) that Spain has to offer. Ronda, Olvera and Setenil, all places that we ride to, have all recently been voted in Spains top 25 most scenic places to visit and not forgetting 2 of my personal favourites Grazalema & Zahara this really does set our location¬† as the place to come and ride.


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