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Mountain Bike Biking Holidays Spain

Mountain Bike Biking Holidays Spain
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Mountain Bike Biking Holidays Spain

Not many people know this but Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe which, in my opinion, makes it a natural destination for a mountain biking holiday. Andalucia, in southern Spain, is only a 3 hour flight from the UK and has a reputation for having some of the world’s best single track mountain biking trails. You can also ride from village to village, on cross country trails without going on any public roads, however, be warned the maps that are available are not like the quality OS maps our UK clients are accustomed too. Over the years I have brought many books with MTB routes in them and whilst reading them in the comfort of my own home the instructions seem logical and easy to follow the reality is then when out on your bike, if you manage to follow the intended trail it’ll be more by luck than the instructions in the book which seem to be written well enough that you could possible follow them but vaguely enough that you probably wont! You only need a gate to be painted or a tree to have fallen down and your doomed!

My advice is to enjoy your mountain bike biking holiday in Spain find yourself a local guide/rider. To truely experience the best tracks & trails an area has to offer a local guide will be the quickest & easiest option. Make sure your guide is qualified and legally registered to operate as a tour guide and has the relevant insurances/permissions to do so. A capable skilled guide will be able to assess your ability, physically & technically and take you on the best, most appropriate trails, in the area that you are capable of riding. After all no-one likes a trail that is too easy but we also dont want to be walking for large sections of the route either. Here at the Andalucian Cycling Experience we have an unrivalled knowledge of the best routes in the Grazalema Natural Park, the Sierra de Nieves, Serrania de Ronda and Torcal National Park. We also have over 300 days of sunshine each year making Andalucia the perfect location for all year round mountain biking! The terrain is well suited to off road mountain biking from blasting down hill to quality single-track trails that may leave you breathless and at times worn out, but, grinning from ear to ear at the end of the ride! We’ll take you on routes that we have discovered and developed over the past 11 years and that only we know about.

If you are going it alone then let some one know where you intend to ride, how long you expect to be, always carry extra supplies with you just in case you get lost and check in from time to time with a progress report. Finally, remember to respect the trail, other users on the trail and the wildlife. Take your liter home, including old inner tubes and energy bar/gel wrappers (if there is room in your back pack when they are full, there is room when thety are empty) Always make sure you can stop in the distance you can see, you never know whats around the corner!

Have fun! Enjoy the ride! The tracks and trails in Andalucia, southern Spain, are amazing!


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